Transgressive behavior action plan in the Belgian media sector is a fact

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Since 2017, transgressive behavior stories have been increasing in the media. In many sectors, it is being made more debatable. But an old culture of permissive behavior still ensured that complaints and reports were laughed off still too often.

A few heavy scandal stories in the Belgian media sector – because that is how it usually goes before real action is taken – led to a solid action plan. Together with important players in the media sector, Minister Dalle, Flemish Minister for Brussels, Youth and Media have now proposed that plan. The Flemish Government will release an additional EUR 100,000 to implement it. The media sector will have to sign it, but it will also have to be followed closely because we all know that practice and theory on a piece of paper are often miles apart.

The willingness of managers in the media sector seems to be there at first glance, now all that remains is to put it into practice. Transgressive behavior includes not only sexually inappropriate behavior but also other forms of harassment; like psychologically harassing behavior, intimidation and belittling, although these latter are less well reported.

What does the plan look like and what is expected from the media?

The emphasis is on prevention, which is why there is a strong focus on training both confidants and bystanders. The sector developed a toolbox that contains concrete tools tailored to the Flemish media sector. This should be poured into a policy plan for small and large media players. The intention is to bring about a complete cultural change in the sector. It is also important to activate bystanders and not just watch, those who notice transgressive behavior. There is a flag system, which is already used in the performing arts sector, in which it can be made clear when transgressive behavior is a red flag. Confidential counselors and intimacy coordinators (ensures the mental and physical safety of the actors and the entire cast and crew on the set) are employed. Training is also provided for this purpose.

In addition to the plan, there is also a declaration of commitment by the media players to tackle transgressive behavior more vigorously.

Source: Cabinet of the Flemish Minister for Media – Mediarte

Article written by Sofia Van Nuffel

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