Books that inspired me

Jef Vermassen is a famous Belgian criminal lawyer who has a crystal-clear vision of crime and punishment, and in his book ‘Master, I have no more tears’ he draws attention to the position of the victim.

Rik Pinxten is an emeritus professor of anthropology at Ghent University and carried out fieldwork among the Navajo Indians in the United States. This book advocates changing our basic attitude: humanism and democracy, but beyond hyper-individualism and the commodification of man and nature. We can learn from the so-called primitive cultures in their dealings with nature. And we can learn to listen to others, instead of naturally ignoring and humiliating them. Such a renewed non-eurocentric and ecological humanism and democratic thinking must be developed, honestly but also more modestly than we are used to. The book ‘humanism in turbulent times’ gives building blocks for this new recruiting story.

Paul Ponsaers is a doctor of criminology and licentiate in sociology. He has previously published on economic crime and terrorism. At the time of publication of this book, he worked for “De Morgen”. Gilbert Dupont was at that moment licentiate in law, is judicial reporter of “La Dernière Heure”.

The authors follow the investigators along the various tracks: the “filière boraine”, the De Staerke gang, the practical shooting clubs, the
“filière boraine’, the De Staerke gang, the practical shooting clubs,-through the extreme right, the criminal world, ex-guards, etc.
This search yields surprising results. Never before
published information, documents and photos. The puzzle slips piece by piece. The gang remains masked and unknown. This book is in pdf format and for free available (click on the picture of the book left)

Ervin László is a Hungarian philosopher of science, systems theorist, integral theorist, and originally a classical pianist.

This unique autobiography begins with Ervin Laszlo as a piano prodigy and his performances with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. Then he tells about his family and how they survived the Second World War and experienced the occupation by the Red Army. At the age of 27, he decided on a drastic change in his life and became a scientist, philosopher, and, eventually, a member of the university administration at Yale and Princeton. Among other things, he is then affiliated with the Princeton Center of International Studies; he is committed to the Club of Rome and the United Nations. Laszlo is currently mainly involved in research on the Akashic field and supports projects around the world aimed at a sustainable society.

A fascinating look into a life full of music, science and the Akashic field.

Jung – A biography from Deirdre Bair. This authoritative biography reveals the untold truth about Jung’s secret work for the Allies during World War II, his controversial affair with one of his patients, and the contents of his private papers, as well as never-before-published photos.

Knowledge of the sectarian phenomenon is patchy and extremely limited in police and legal circles. Thus, the exchange of information and coordination of criminal investigations is often lacking, which is compounded by the lack of people and resources.

This Cahier highlights several dimensions of sectarian movements. In addition to a thorough phenomenon analysis, it asks whether criminal enforcement is effective. Would it not be better to focus on an administrative joining of forces and on prevention through education and assistance? Other types of legal interventions of a civil, fiscal or social law nature possess potential. However, enforcement efforts are lagging behind, as the cult landscape evolves rapidly and adapts rather flexibly to changed social circumstances. This threatens to leave victims out in the cold. Experts and social workers are sounding the alarm through the media, but the challenges are not diminished. This Cahier 60 has been compiled under the editorship of experts Philippe De Baets, Janine Janssen, Anton van Wijk and Johan Braeckman.

Anu Bradford is the Henry L. Moses Law and International Organization Professor at Columbia Law School. She is also a director for the European Legal Studies Center. Her research and teaching focus on EU law, international trade law, and comparative and international antitrust law. Before joining the Law School faculty in 2012, she was an assistant professor at the University of Chicago Law School. Professor Bradford earned her S.J.D. degree in 2007 and LL.M. degree in 2002 from Harvard Law School, and also holds a law degree from the University of Helsinki. After completing her LL.M. studies as a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard Law School, she practiced antitrust law and EU law at Cleary Gottlieb Steen &Hamilton in Brussels for two years. She has also served as an adviser on economic policy in the parliament of Finland and as an expert assistant to a member of the European Parliament.

The book ‘The Brussels Effect’ presents a groundbreaking new account of economic globalization and the race to the top for global regulatory standards. It addresses the EU’s unique power to influence global corporations and set the rules of the game while acting alone. The content of the book covers the EU’s global influence across diverse policy areas from data privacy and consumer safety to environmental protection and competition rules. It also explains why neither “hard” nor “soft” Brexit will liberate the UK from the EU’s regulatory reach (OUP).

Simone de Beauvoir was a French philosopher, writer, and feminist. The Second Sex (original French title: Le Deuxième Sexe) is an essay, published as a two-volume book, that Simone de Beauvoir wrote in 1949 at the age of 41. It is one of the best-known works of feminism and is considered the founding text of the feminist movement in France. Today, it is often used as a reference in feminist discourses. This essay is the origin of the nickname spiritual mother of the second feminist wave, awarded to Simone de Beauvoir.

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