Open Letter From Russian Creatives

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The German publisher, which is internationally active, has received an open letter from Russian creatives, designers, and illustrators, whose names are not known, which they addressed to their government. The lines are touching, because they express a deep love for their profession—and make clear what remains of it when one’s own country goes to war.

As designers and illustrators, they say, they learned “to be understanding and empathetic” in order to do their work effectively, to use the most advanced technology, and ”to speak a language” that everyone in the world understands—the language of visual communication. Their work only is possible when there is peace, it says. “The war unfolding at the initiative of the Russian government is destroying the country and underscoring the importance of our profession.”But above all, the letter addresses colleagues, friends, and relatives in Ukraine whose lives are in danger, and pleads for honesty, openness, and appreciation toward all people. As creatives who design, but also as journalists who report on the proverbial boundless freedom and inventiveness of their craft, this publisher helps to lend their voice to these moving words. Communication helps to convey, clothes ideas in pictures, underlines free-thinking, and contributes to mutual understanding.

All thoughts are with the Ukrainian people and all Russian citizens who reject war.

We gladly repost this beautiful message from Slanted, a German creative publisher. In these times we have to build bridges instead of taking them down.

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