Manifesto on divisiveness

‘I only like you if you think like me’ and how to live in a world without empathy and the legacy we leave with it for the next generations.

The saddest thing about the past (almost forgotten) human health crisis is not whether or not you chose to vaccinate, but whether or not you chose to be able to feel empathy for your fellow human beings. Could you? And how did you experience the aftermath? Allowing us to let another person be themselves, without having to tear down another person because they happen to disagree with our stream of thoughts.

How unattractive it makes a human being, to lash out at another thinking person other than himself, with far too harsh words and ugly remarks. Social media was filled with it. Never before had a crisis so exposed human behavior and cold, metallic, soul-deadening verbiage. And it’s just not a nice example to pass on to our kids and leave them like this as if we don’t give a damn how they will feel now and later – as a legacy of the devastating damage we cause with this.

Looking back at our behavior during a humanitarian crisis, I wonder if any of this will be written in the history books. Besides, how did we survive a health crisis – also, how human did we collectively get through this?

The discussion of who is good or bad could still go on for a very long time – but in the end, it will turn into a downward spiral of complete division and heartlessness. That recovery could take generations if we are not aware.

How are we going to cope together if we have to overcome the next crisis – which Mother Nature has been showing us for some time? I fear then that a mental war is not going to help us either. We will be forced to collaborate on whether we can tolerate someone or not. Maybe it’s just time to start working on this already?

Meanwhile, generations are counting on us to make ‘living together’ livable for them, after us. And rest assured, they are paying attention, no matter how small they are, they look at us and mimic us. When our own grown-up skin will be more or less saved for a short while – the accountability for our own manufactured human policies will come.

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Author: Sofia Van Nuffel

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